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  1. Ingling Says:

    Oh, it is wonderful! And how great is it with directions for different sizes – I will certainly knit one :) Thank you for making it available!

  2. Dot Says:

    Thank you! I like the ribbed yoke. Brings back memories of things my mother wore.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Such pretty classic lines for a “utility” garment. Should be fun to make.

  4. Gail Thibaud Says:

    Love the classic vintage styles and am really keen to try out this pattern. Thank you for posting and making it available.

  5. Kate Says:

    Thank you for this pattern. My daughter and I both adore vintage patterns (sewing as well as knitting). I have my eye on this cardigan, but my daughter prefers the pullover which we see on page 27, whose instructions begin on page 30. Is there any chance that you can share that with us, too?

  6. Mel Says:


    I’ll post the PDF for the pullover as soon as I get time to put it in a PDF. I thought that someone might see the photo and want that pattern too! Mel

  7. Marily K. Butcher Says:

    I love vintage patterns. Thanks so much for sharing! This one will push others on the to do list further down. I too would love the pullover pattern also. I gained access to your website through Susan B. Anderson’s website. So glad that I did!!

  8. Jacinta Says:

    Thank you for this classic pattern, Just love vintage and happen to have just the perfect yarn for this in stash. Yeh!

  9. Deanna Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love vintage styles. Although my grandma taught me to knit 20 years ago, I’ve left my skills at a very basic level. I’m just now getting more into it. I will put this in my pile of things to work toward. :)

  10. Nancy Says:

    Great pattern. Interesting that the gaping between buttonholes did not bother the stylist. Today she’d have been sewn in to avoid them!

    Is 4 ply a dk weight? Size 10 needle seems huge! Or is this a pre-metric British pattern? That would explain it.

  11. Nancy Says:

    Just noticed you are in NZ! My mistake! Can someone translate the needle and yarn sizes for a blinkered yank?

  12. Mel Says:

    Nancy, It’s a UK pattern. size 12 equals a US 2, and size 10 equals a US 3.

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