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  1. Kate Says:

    Thank you for the instructions to the vintage service pullover – my daughter is excited about it!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Starting on size 12 for ribbing, change to 10 for body, so 12 is smaller than 10 . . . Thats got to be the UK, despite the cowboy hat on the sketch. Check the copyright page? Perhaps it was printed after the US finally stepped up to help? So is an old 10 around a US 5?

  3. Mel Says:

    Nancy, It’s a UK pattern. size 12 equals a US 2, and size 10 equals a US 3.

  4. Tracey Says:

    Many huge thanks for sharing! I find the look of these old patterns and pamphlets so charming. And the sweaters?! Delightful!! I will cherish these pieces. I was wondering…I assume “services” is a reference to the Armed Forces…was agriculture an important branch at this time? Is there a date on the pamphlet? I’m feeling slightly envious that you have the entire glorious piece to peruse!! Enjoy :)

  5. Sandra Says:

    Thank you for the vintage sweater. Have been looking for a basic pullover.

  6. Jody Says:

    Thank you ever so much! I have been looking for this very thing for my pattern collection of classic, basic knitwear.

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