reasons to be grateful


I love the lull between Christmas and New Year. The town is quiet, and time seems to stand still to allow plenty of pondering before January hurtles us forward into a new year and this time, a new decade. Yikes!

Speaking of plenty, I spent time thinking about all that I’m grateful for.

In no particular order:

wonderful customers and readers of my blog, especially those who keep in touch, leave comments and share their stores

my lovely son and daughter (above)

an appreciative husband (below) wearing the shirt I made him for Christmas. It fits perfectly and he was ultra proud and happy.


Good food, at home and in restaurants.

These works of art were part of our New Year’s Eve lunch at Te Whau vineyard cafe on Waiheke Island. What a place. A view over the water that may bring you to your knees, exquisite food, understated, le Corbusier-inspired architecture. If you haven’t been, I recommend that you save your pennies (it will take a few) hop on the ferry to the Island and treat yourself.

citrus scallops


wasabi crab mousse (hiding under the radishes)


things to make

a new year means fresh possibilities for new projects! I’m inspired by the many Habu goodies that arrived just before Christmas.

lace weight linen (XS-55)


spiral slub (A-172)


“Shippo” Tail Scarf kit (paper linen & silk stainless steel)


Kushu Kushu Scarf kit (merino & silk stainless steel )


I’ll be adding them to South Seas Knitting this week.

Happy New year everyone!



7 Responses to “reasons to be grateful”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Happy New Year, Mel! I’ve been knitting throughout the holidays and am almost ready for a new project. My fiesta bath mitt turned out lovely so I have begun another. (I couldn’t give the first one away.) Lovely shirt! I think my husband would love one just like it! I will try to make it over on the 16th for a look at all the new Habu.

  2. Leslie Says:

    Thanks for all the eye candy, LOL

    Lace-weight LINEN, score. I am doing the 10 Shawls in 2010 and a linen one would be the bomb! I’ll just stash bust on the others…

  3. Marian Says:

    Happy New Year Mel. Sounds as if you had a good time in Waiheke. Food and wool on one website – heaven. I have just finished my tangerine Town Girl and Country Girl sweater and am very happy. See you on the 16th.

  4. Shin Ae Says:

    Hooray! I was thinking about that shirt and wondering how he liked it. It turned out so well.

    That food is gorgeous and it is always such a good idea to count one’s blessings.

  5. Lies Says:

    Your grateful is very graceful! Happy 2010 Mel. The shirt is fantastic wow. And the new goodies!!! Will have to be round very very soon.

  6. Emma Wallace Says:

    Happy New Year to the best knitting teacher in the whole world! Love your blog topic! It is quite spooky that you wrote abou being grateful for actually as I was only talking about keeping a grateful diary with my friend this morning on our walk. Oprah does it – she writes in it every day with something she is grateful for. I think it is a great way to focus on the positive. So great minds think alike! :-)

  7. Lisa Says:

    The shirt looks amazing and hubby looks very handsome in it, great job :)

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