postcards I should have written

OK then, back to work.

By nature I am really a homebody, with no desire to go anywhere except my sofa, kitchen and garden where I would happily knit, cook and potter for months on end, if it weren’t for my beloved family who live too far away. I miss them so, and the time comes when I just have to jump on a jumbo and go see them.

Here are some snapshots from my recent trip.

Above, beautiful waterlilies in the Brooklyn Botannical Gardens.

Below, the window and delightfully old fashioned signage of one of my favourite stores in the world, Tender Buttons, on E 62nd St. It’s a tiny store lined with vintage and new buttons exquisitely displayed and one of those places that sets your heart racing the minute you walk in…if you’re a button lover, that is.

Around the corner from Tender Buttons in Central Park, on my way to the Met, this elderly gent was walking ahead of me. How chic and comfortable he looks in his bright green shirt and suspenders.

Inside the Met I was, as usual, agog at the beauty and theĀ level of excellence possible in such a grand institution.

Below, the marble ceiling which was echoing with the soundĀ  of a chamber orchestra.

I spied this display case tucked away in a corner next to the lift down to the cafeteria.They’re folded cloth napkins! Can you believe that someone has gone to the trouble of following the instructions in a 16th century book of napkin folding? Wow! What fabulous dinner parties they must have had back then Royalty, no doubt.

Here’s a closer look at the pages, in case you need some inspiration for your next formal dinner…..

Upstairs was a Picasso exhibit. I loved the deliberate composition of this self portrait. He’s so stylish. Is it a smock, or a jacket? Either way, I want to make one!

Up on the roof of the Met was this spectacular structure made of stems of bamboo tied, yes, tied! together. It’s a work in progress, and the day I was there, a woman was perched high on top, tying in more lengths to an already vast work. If you’re game, you can take a tour and walk up through it.

Downtown late in the day to meet India after work, I couldn’t resist the window at Lion Brand’s Studio, 34 West 15th St. I know they have more resources at their disposal than your average independent knitting shop, but the attention paid to detail in their store is impressive, from the sampling wall to the hand woven blinds on the windows at the back of the store. They employ talented and creative people, too, to create displays like the one below: Coney Island created with yarn.

Out on Long Island for a few days with my family, I was stunned by the beauty of the North Fork. We stayed at a cottage on Long Island Sound where the beach, because it’s stony, is empty and ideal for beach combing.

I loved this delicate arrangement of twigs deposited by the tide.

Bright green seaweed was smeared along the shore, and in the stream that came from a small lake down to beach.

Back in NY, I sheltered from the extreme 90 degree heat the same way I sheltered from a snow storm many years ago: in the museums. In the courtyard at MOMA was Yoko Ono’s Wish tree.

Some of the wishes:

that there were more tags available to write wishes on

that every day was my birthday

world peace

to find the right man, have a child and get my dream job but it will have to happen soon because I’m almost 40!

I didn’t write one, but if I did it would have read: to live closer to my kids!

5 Responses to “postcards I should have written”

  1. Karen Says:

    Yes, I’m inspired by your lovely post. I didn’t know about the button store and next time I’m in NYC, its on my list of must see. Buttons, Yarn and the Met, oh my, a dream of a day. Thanks…

  2. susan Says:

    great photographs, you have a good eye for composition… those twigs by the tide are fascinating!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Love your blog Mel – and adored Tender Buttons in New York. But imagine my dismay when, having lovingly finalised my (not inextensive) selection, to find at 5 minutes to closing they do not take credit cards! I don’t know how common this is in the US – perhaps you can enlighten me. A warning to all button lovers with limited time though, the quirkiness of the store also extends to their methods of accepting payment!

  4. Mel Says:

    Oh, I forgot that Tender Buttons accepts cash only! I was caught in the same way, but when I explained that I was from far away they offered to take my card so they do have the facility, albeit behind the scenes. I went to several restaurants in Brooklyn that accept cash only, too, mostly lunch places or cafes.

  5. Karen A Says:

    So good to get to spend time with you on your brief stay in LA! Thank you again for sharing all those special moments from your trip to NY. Hugs & Kisses!

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