ladies I love

As I was working in my veggie garden today it  crossed my mind that

weeding generates a fertile mind. ideas spring forth.

it’s frosty here and I would love to knit a hot pink helmet

also, a version of this pullover worn by Jane Birkin, seen here in the 60’s clutching her signature basket which inspired Hermès to make the legendary Birkin Bag so that she could grow up and be a proper lady with a handbag.

Being my mothers daughter (leave a little to the imagination, dear) I have no intention of being naked under my Birkin style jumper. I thought I’d wear it more like this one, seen on another style icon, Françoise Gilot, former wife of Picasso. Habu fine merino for the gossamer effect  and wool stainless steel for structure, would do the trick, I think?

Françoise again, here in the famous Robert Capa pic wearing the dress I have always longed for. For those of us with less than perfect legs, when, oh when, will ankle length return?

We can blame the short skirt on the fabulous Jean Shrimpton (also wearing the pink helmet above), first real supermodel. Here she is in her accidental mini, causing a sensation with her bare legs at the Melbourne races in 1965.

We may not have to wait too much longer for the maxi. I spotted a khaki version of this Comme Des Garçons skirt on the sale rack at Barneys, alas not in my size. Where Commes go, others follow……

5 Responses to “ladies I love”

  1. LauraRose Says:

    Her Basket was not the first thing I noticed in that second picture somehow. Somehow these glamour shots seem far more glamorous to me than the things you see on modern magazines; thanks for showing them. I wear long skirts all the time;they are so easy. Perhaps I’m more cutting edge than I knew!

  2. Emily Says:

    Maxi-dresses have been all over the UK this year – more since it’s been hot, but even before that.

    You should be in luck!

  3. pat Says:

    Mel you are amazing, i love your blog!

  4. Julia Grunau Says:

    Mel, you really are amazing, and I love your blog too!

  5. KarenJ Says:

    FYI – Birkin’s basket is a typical Algarvese (Algarve, Portugal) basket. They come in a wide range of sizes from mini -take it home tourist gifts-to medium -mine’s holding a variety of glues under a kitchen counter – to large- a very bowlegged, very old man selling pieces of giant squash around the neighborhood. They are sturdy, quick to make and Birkin’s would undoubtedly hold an entires week’s worth of her travel wardrobe!

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