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Meet my new toy. I found it in New York and have now managed to import a few to share with my fellow Kiwis here.

If I hadn’t already been hooked, I’d be tempted to try my luck at good ole crochet just because I love a beautiful thing, and this is. It’s the crochet equivalent of the I Phone. Form and function, and it’s ergonomic. Comes with 6 hook sizes.

Once I cradled my egg shaped wooden handle in the palm of my hand, I could sense the panic of all other hooks in my tool kit, fearing an imminent trip to Goodwill.

Let’s talk about crochet, a much maligned craft.

Every once in a while you read something like this from a fashion reporter:

“Your grandma is being channeled on high-fashion runways this spring, with crochet appearing on everything from dresses to swimsuits, handbags to shoes”.

It’s usually referring to something elegant such as this

why grandma, even though grandma is adorable? It must be because of the “granny” square, so named I know not why.

I’ve always loved crochet squares and have never thought of them as hippie or grannie or anything other than fun and colourful.

Which is why I loved it when Cate Blanchett stepped out of  everyone’s comfort zone and appeared on a red carpet in Melboune last year wearing this dress by Aussie designer Romance Was Born. There were shrieks of “ugly!” “how could she!” “wearing her sofa!” Lets face it, Cate can do anything, wear anything and is fearless when it comes to fashion and her profession. That’s why we love her!  She doesn’t play it safe is always elegant and best of all, seems to not take herself too seriously. The wit of this dress is evident and suggests a hard up housewife who has made her blanket into a dress. What’s wrong with that? I would think this should be applauded in the age of recycled chic.

One person in high places got it. Paul Smith, who always enlivens his preppy style with dash and humour, put this on the runway a few months later. It really does look like she’s draped herself with a blanket. But why not?

Hands up those who have never admired a pair of crochet shoes?

I used to own a pair of blue suede Valentino oxfords, the uppers of which were crocheted mesh made with strips of said blue suede. They were spectacular and I wish I could show them to you. note to self: never again sell shoes in yard sale without first taking a photo.

Not to worry, there are other designers understanding the appeal of crochet.


Rachel Comey

Tory Burch

John Galliano outrageous beauties

If you can’t afford designer shoes, there’s always, as we well know, DIY.

Here’s some inspiration: the leg warmers are knit, I believe, but they’d be even more fun in crochet. Kind of like wearing your sofa around your ankles?

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  1. Wheezy Says:

    Great blog!

  2. Sue Says:

    Fantastic blog. Have been dropping in now for a while. You have sourced some great examples of crochet here. The crochet bug has bitten us all here at school. The staff room is the hub of many a “Granny Square” comparison. The bell goes all too quickly at the end of recess and lunch.
    Just so you know, that’s Federation Square in Melbourne that Cate Blanchett is photographed in. Great spot.

  3. Onabee Says:

    I love the John Galliano shoes – amazing

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