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First, I want to say how much I enjoyed reading the lovely stories about your knitting Supporters after my last post!

It seems that there’s even hope for men who have to be won over! I love the ones who take it upon them selves to buy yarn, and the daughter who hunts for yarn bargains in thrift shops. When you have a passion, everyone knows how to please you, right?

Although it’s not one of my favourite colours, I decided this week to embrace my inner purple, and make a scarf with two hanks of Manos Silk Blend (now on sale here).

There was method to my madness. A knitter asked me recently to demonstrate the technique for making a loop (ML) that is included in the pattern for Daphne’s Baby Cape (below)¬†in Knit 2 Together

The loop decoration (you can make the cape with or without loops) was inspired by one of my favourite books,

Knitting Essentials, a collection of wonderful 19th century patterns for everything from lace edgings to a football sweater and hunting cap, with petticoats and bonnets in between.

I’ve posted a lesson on how to “make loop” in the menu at right.

Now to the loop boa and the question of whether it, or something like it, has a place in your wardrobe.

Even if you’re a minimalist, you have to admit that there’s an occasion in everyone’s life when the outfit at hand requires a touch of intrigue. Enter the frouffy scarf. There’s no better way to feel and look fabulous.

How about this look from the designer who always manages to combine avant-garde with ultra femininity, a delicate balancing act: Vivienne Westwood. Who else could include bows and loops and keep it modern?

There are many lovely patterns for frilly boas. Here’s one of my favourites, the ingenious¬†Elizabeth:

but Elizabeth requires a lot of knitting, in a fine mohair. If you’re in a hurry, my loop boa is your answer. It can be made in an hour or so.

I used 2 hanks of Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend, and a size 10 mm [US15] circular needle. With 4 strands held together I cast on 128 stitches and made two consecutive rows of loops, binding off the second row as I made the loops.

Isn’t knitting marvellous that it allows you to make beautiful things so easily?

2 Responses to “instant glam”

  1. sweet emmelie Says:

    I love your blog and I just adore your website. I could spend hours looking through all the different yarns and colours. I love that its in NZ as well. I saw your aticle in the nz home and garden magazine (great house and collectibles by the way!). I want to attempt that hexagon cushion. infact after looking at your website i want to attempt so many things!!!

  2. Karen Says:

    Wow, leave it to Vivian Westwood to come up with new and creative ways to bring knitting into fashion. Seeing her past knit collections on display at the museum was really inspiring. Your purple looped scarf is adorable and a perfect addition to this years look.

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