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Thank you for the positive response to my Anouschka Scarf last week. I’m gratified that so many like it as much as I do! The pattern will be available for sale as a download on Interweave’s website once the magazine is past its shelf life.

After a winter of sitting and knitting my body needs some help if it’s going to be seen in a swim suit this summer. I’ve been trying to take a vigorous walk every day for at least an hour, uphill and downhill, around and about my neighborhood. The longer spring days and fine weather are good for motivation but what also helps is to take my camera with me. Evidently a svelter (is that a word?) figureĀ is not mission enough. I’ve never been one for the gym.

I love the everyday things you see while walking that are quite beautiful in their ordinariness. Here are some sights that inspired me on just one walk this week.

the colours of a house (above), more Caribbean than Kiwi

a front yard full of artichokes

a big blue butterfly

a house that started life as a tiny church…… I’d love to see inside


this lovely eucalyptus, in flower on Tutanekei Street

the humble geranium beautifies a plain brick house

someone’s indoor outdoor chairs

a picket fence painted orange

hanging sculptures made of pumice.

I want to make one

on their way to the Tongan Church, boy band ready to roll (they were worried about being late for service)

a single rose

and home again to my broad beans, bearing fruit.

picking just a few to add to a risotto

a little is a lot…..

6 Responses to “where I live”

  1. Kate Bruning Says:

    Beautiful – that is a walk I would like to go on. I especially adore your first house featured… those colours!!! Love Kate (the greedy for colour one who bailed you up at that craft fair in Hamilton a couple of years ago) xxooxxooxx.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Mel you look like you live in an interesting neighbourhood. I love those pumice sculptures, I wonder if I can find enough pieces of pumice to make one, there is a beach nearby that is often littered with it. Thanks for sharing your walk :)

  3. Barbara Says:

    Thank you for sharing your walk.
    I am a NZer living in France , sometimes homesick for things like wooden houses, beaches with driftwood and sitting on the verandah .
    Those pictures are a real treat on a cold wet November’s day ….

  4. Slip Slip Knit » Blog Archive Says:

    […] of our lovely old houses were built from kauri and their polished floors are one of our national […]

  5. Ruta Ett Says:

    I’d love to see all of it in real life. Everything looks very exotic to me who live in Sweden.
    Very nice pictures!
    Love from Gothenburg and Ruta Ett (square one)

  6. Peggy Says:

    You have a lovely site. The houses are adorable I would love to go on a walk with you. It looks so inviting.
    You live in a wonderful place and your site is so informative. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I live in the the United States.

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