attention shoppers

We live in dangerous times. I was told by a relative who shares my love of Anthropologie that they are now shipping overseas and have an international site!

So as I sit at my desk this afternoon, preparing to share with you a pattern for an item I’ve just made for my bathroom, I hear that tinkly sound of an email arriving in my mac mailbox (those of you with macs will understand the excitement). Who should it be from, but my beloved Anthropologie. In these times of austerity, I’ve been more than a little thankful that  their beautiful stores are so far off, but here we are now, with access to their fabulousness [there is a caveat on this excitement if you read further].

Since you are probably a knitter if you’re reading this, you’ll appreciate the little bit of fun above: a fox stole. Someone tried this years ago with one of those ghastly acrylic fun fur yarns that are in all our pasts and at the back of some closets to this day. This one, more difficult to knit but much cuter, made my day.

Inspiring knits are everywhere.

did someone ask what to do with swatches?

and this blanket, ditto

I am not, I swear, in the pay of these people. I just happen to love their aesthetic, and revere them for the kind of shopping experience they create. I used to try to keep their kind of visual standards in my own shop. It’s a constant effort, expense, and creative endeavour to do so. If you’re ever in Santa Barbara, pop into the branch on State Street. The centre piece of the shop is an enormous art deco wooden counter, miraculously elliptical in shape which, I was told, came from an old Parisian department store.  It’s so exquisite you wouldn’t be surprised to see Charlotte Gainsbourg standing behind it.

Stepping into their stores is not all about consumerism and you don’t, usually, get the sense of waste and cynicism that you do in other chains, although they occasionally slip up and produce a few too many acrylic scarves. They make decorations from found materials, too,  like wool, yarn, thread, spools, and once at Christmas, plastic water bottles standing in for icicles.

I don’t love advertising in my email, which is why I seldom send out broadcasts myself (make that almost never), for South Seas Knitting. But Anthropologie’s are so inventive and delightful that I can’t help but succumb to their cleverness, and click. So, in my excitement that I could actually have items shipped to NZ, here’s what I was tempted by:

ceramics are my #3 obsession after knitting and shoes.

this cup was first into my shopping cart

I wondered how this little bird would fare in transpacific shipping, so thought better of it, but he’s so lovely

gorgeous plates…. birds are deservedly popular these days

plaid with a modern slant it hard to resist

at least a hand towel is soft and lightweight for shipping

and the Twiggy salad servers! the name alone!

I adore ikat. it’s hard to find a nice napkin. just one would make a lovely table runner.

the colours of these plates are so beautiful I’d like all of them on my dining room wall!

you need a dog to chase the birds

There are many many more beautiful things there. It’s fun to go virtual window shopping.

So, what did I actually buy? I tried to be frugal when chucking things into my shopping cart: one cup, rabbit towel, salad servers, and a charming pair of gloves with an embroidered wrist watch, but sadly, the shipping turned out to be more than the goods! This must be because they ship everything with tracking, as they should. It just makes it so expensive to our little corner of the world. I can but dream and save up for my next trip.

9 Responses to “attention shoppers”

  1. Dennis O'Bell Says:

    Anthropology! Available in New Zealand? There is hope. One more reason to stay, just a little bit longer. I love our tea towels (just starting to wear out) and latte bowls (but eventually they chip) from Anthropology.
    I think maybe the bird on the lemon is my favorite of this selection. The animation on their website is charming too.
    Thanks for your lovely and informative blog. Whatever you are up to, and writing about, i always feel like i’m experiencing it too. Let’s have more of your own photos too.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I love Anthropologie, too. I’m happy they’re now in the UK!

  3. Liz Erickson Says:

    I absolutely love the “Fox Stole”! Is this pattern available? I would love to make this for my daughter. :)

  4. francesca Says:

    Fox Stole… please..a pattern for me,in italy !

  5. Laurenjane Says:

    Can I get that fox pattern somewhere? Unbelievably adorable.

  6. Martha Says:

    Would love to have this pattern. I have a fur one like this that I bought years ago in a resale shop, but this one would be so much easier and fun to wear.

  7. Martha Says:

    Would love to have this pattern.

  8. Judy Thompson Says:

    I love what you do. As well as others I would like to get the pattern for the stole. Do you have it for sale (or free) somewhere?

  9. Mel Says:

    Here is a pattern (not mine) for a replica of the fox stole:

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