rosehip and other lovely colours

At last, I’ve sent off my overseas packages, late as usual, because I was finishing knitted gifts. News reports of frigid weather in the UK have been suggesting really warm things, especially a pair of cozy gloves made from one skein of Jade Sapphire 4 ply cashmere, shade Rose Hip. It was down to the wire with the one skein and as I finished the thumb on the second glove I held my breath, making it a close shave with just a couple of metres to spare, not bad considering the generously long cuff.

If you’re making your own pattern you don’t know, when you start, just how much yarn you’ll need. To help with this, I keep an electronic scale handy and weigh the yarn as I go to calculate usage. Once you’ve finished one glove you can weight it to see if you have enough yarn left for its mate.

All very well, you might say, but if there’s less than half a skein left, you won’t really want to unravel al those tricky fingers and unwind down to the cuff. One suggestion would be to start the glove with the hand, casting on with a scrap yarn, then, when the fingers are complete, knit the cuff in reverse.

I made this pattern with the help of one of my favourite books, Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I love this book. It’s a template for a number of projects (socks, hats, berets, vests, simple sweaters), in child and adult sizes and multiple gauges. What’s not to like? All you have to do is make a swatch, figure out your gauge and the size you want to make, and bingo, there’s your pattern ready for you to knit as-is or customize if you wish. For my Rose Hip gloves, I made up a simple cable pattern to suit the number of stitches in the cuff ( a 4 stitch cable with 2 purl stitches).

Now that the packages are winging their way to London and New York, I’m ready to start some new projects. Ah, that feeling of anticipation.

The beginning is the best part with any project, isn’t it? The completion is a thrill too, but first things first.

I’m thinking about colours I’ll use and as always, nature provides much inspiration.

Her are some sweet sights from my daily walks…

two much loved villas, one with a peek of New Zealand sky blue

pink surprise on a bottle brush

my favourite mock orange, or Philadelphus, such a delicious fragrance I’d like to bottle it

a pincushion protea, dancing in the wind at the side of the road

irrestible camouflage browns

irresistible greens

does anyone know the name of this beautiful tree with the lush pink flowers?

here’s another

Now I’m feeling inspired, I’m off to make a knitted something……

4 Responses to “rosehip and other lovely colours”

  1. Sally Says:

    Hi Mel – it’s a Robinia Hispida (sp??) sometimes called a false acacia. The rosella parakeets love them. S X

  2. Mel Says:

    Thanks, Sally!

  3. KarenJ Says:

    What a gorgeous tree! I’ve never seen it. I was also wildly impressed with the idea of a PINK bottle brush. Here in the south of Portugal I have some thriving red ones but that pink is glorious!

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the gloves! They’re so pretty. And I really like the cables. Ann Budd’s book is one of my favorites too. I’ve used her mitten recipe lots of times, adding my own details (and usually making them fingerless). I love having options when I knit, don’t you? Freedom to change things.

    That pink tree is magnificent. It reminds me of wisteria. Love that someone piped up so fast to identify it.

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