paddock to Park Ave

photo by Rose Callahan

Happy happy holidays!

Ours is going to be a quiet Christmas, with beach picnics and a few days away at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, legendary for it’s hot spring under the sand. You dig a bathing hole (shovels are usually provided by the motels), wait for warm water to ooze into it, then dash back and forth between the crisp cool waves and the hot pool. Sometimes it can get so hot that you have to fetch come cold sea water to cool it down again!

Thanks to my daily walks, I have a new, slightly smaller swimsuit, so I’m ready!

Some wonderful news has arrived with the Holiday Season. Delysia (above), my sculptured cable pullover is coming out in Vogue Knitting Winter 2010-11 which will be on news stands January 4. You can see the gallery of designs in this issue here.

I originally made Delysia to wear myself, and I wanted it to be above all, flattering.

Much as I love the look of cables, I learned at the age of 16, after slaving over an entire aran pullover and skirt from a pattern in the English Woman’s weekly, that cables can add inches. So, the ideal cable garment for me is one that isn’t an all over design.

I’m also fond of projects that engage my brain every so often, but don’t require line by line attention to the pattern.

The next criteria is wearability. Cables have a casual, country look, and I like a sweater I can comfortably wear to a dinner party or a board meeting (right, like I’m going to be attending one of those, but you never know….).

So, Delysia, has a diagonal cable that meanders across the front and back, turns and meets up with similar cables that dance around the yoke. All-over cables but not really. Plenty of plain knitting with just one cable action front and back on each round.

Don’t you love seamless construction? It’s so flattering, and fun to knit.

The yoke decreases are hidden in the cables and my favourite folded hem gives it a dressy look.

I hope you like it!

Here’s a photo of the back, with my friend Charlotte modeling.

The yarn is Naturally Pride, a dk machine washable wool.

and here she is in the sweater I originally made for myself, in peach coloured organic merino.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. PEACE for all!

10 Responses to “paddock to Park Ave”

  1. serenknitity Says:

    Love that jumper! It may get me away from my interminable sock habit. And I’m with you on not having to follow the pattern for every line – a girl has to watch TV, doesn’t she?

    Hot Water Beach sounds perfect – I clicked on the link, thinking of the next family holiday, but I’m afraid it’s a bit too far. One day…

  2. Kathi Jobson Says:

    That is one of the prettiest sweaters I have ever seen, I LOVE it. It’s classy, elegant, not over fussy. Luckily I have a subscription to Vogue so I just have to wait until January. Thank you for designing such a beautiful and flattering sweater.


  3. Marilyn Says:

    I agree about the cables. I tend to avoid cables myself. I’ve been asked by a friend, to knit her a cashmere rectangular shawl. I was hoping I could make it in a lace pattern but she is asking for a ruffled edge and plain centre. I showed her the colours on your website (she’s in Canada). Merry Christmas!

  4. Rachel Says:

    This looks so flattering! I love the hems and the way the cables are arranged around the yoke and sleeves. I think I’ll make it in a lovely gray tweed wool.

  5. LauraRose Says:

    Lovely! I must admit I think I am generally not “haute couture” enough for Vogue knitting –I rarely like the designs they publish. I am going to have to buy this edition though!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Mel – fabulous and how clever to get something published in VogueKnitting I hope you are very proud of yourself :)
    Beautiful, beautiful jersey :)

  7. Monica Says:

    Gorgeous pattern. Must pick up that issue of Vougue knitting.

  8. Molly Says:

    wow, this is incredibly gorgeous….. !!! VERY inspiring

  9. Kelly Says:

    Mel, where in Auckland can we pick up this issue of Vogue Knitting? The Vogue website’s shipping to NZ is more expensive than the magazine.

    Alternatively, are you able (at some point) to sell this pattern separately from Vogue?

  10. Mel Says:

    I’ve been told that Borders in Auckland have this issue.

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