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Here’s what I was doing during our winter last year. A pullover knitted from the top down, in the round.  It has just come out in The Knitter, Issue 28.

The inspiration was Mongolian Nomad, and I imagined this as something made from home spun with little accents of embroidery inspired by flowers of the desert. The closet thing to home spun for those of us who don’t spin our own is Manos Wool Clasica, which I used here. I love the thick and thin surprises and the subtle variegation of the solids, which are kettle dyed by hand.

Even if you don’t subscribe to The Knitter, you can buy single issues on their website and here’s something I recently discovered, thanks to Rachel, a helpful customer: you can buy singles issues as downloads, here.

How customer friendly! It even provides the price in your home currency.

Top Down. It’s so handy to be able to try a garment as you go, and have flexibility with the fit and length. It’s pleasing in a way that has nothing to do with never having to work a purl row which you do have to do sometimes anyway, even in the round. If you’re working garter stitch, for example. I’ve never seen anything wrong with purling. That said, my tension is definitely looser on purl rows. My Mum confessed late in her knitting life that she always used a smaller needle on the purl rows and I do this myself if I remember to. If I forget, I notice the difference and usually have to unravel.

Wildflowers is slightly flared in the torso, and has this inverted pleat at back for an extra bit of swing.

Always on the hunt for strange and wonderful knitted things, I recently saw this balaclava.  It’s cut and sewn knitted fabric  but I’m betting it won’t be long before a hand knitter makes one….

I also discovered Yarnivore recently.  Love those pills.

Yarn is a drug, but a healthy one.

9 Responses to “new design”

  1. woollythinker Says:

    Well now, have you seen these Dwarven Battle Bonnets?

  2. Rachel Says:

    I love the pleat in back and the top down shape! I want to make it in Cascade Eco wool probably without the embroidery because I’ve never done any.

  3. Gina diroma-Edwards Says:

    I love the pleat in the back but the floral stitching on the bottom of the sleeve is so lovely! Way to go Mel

  4. Sandy Says:

    What a beautiful sweater. My meager skills are not up to it yet, but someday I’d love to try that pattern. You’re an inspiration!

  5. Mel Says:

    Sandy, You’d be surprised how easy it is to make a top down garment like this. Even a beginner could have success with it.

  6. Karen Barrett Says:

    Hi Mel, just bought another recent issue of The Knitter on the newstand with your “Blue Bunny” children’s sweater, so you’re on a roll! I have just re-subscribed. Love the pleat in the back on this design, it’s interesting–can’t wait to try it. (Okay, once my pillows are done, and we won’t talk about the UFOs….) cheers, Karen

  7. Annie Says:

    It is very nice, love the colour, and the back is just right with a nice feminine shape to it with the pleat.

  8. KarenJ Says:

    I love the shape/design, especially the back! But I admit to having an issue with the flowers. I think they are a little too cute for the elegance of the design. I will probably try it either without the embroidery or with a different embroidered look. Something a bit more sophisticated, even oriental? Modernistic/architecturl? All sorts of possibilities. Thanks.

    By the way, my capture code was LYS! : )

  9. balzac Says:

    Love this sweater. My Mother was a sucker for pleats so I tend to love them too. Hope you will knit that dress you showed in the picture and make a pattern (although I don’t think I could finish anything at that gauge).

    You have such a wonderful energy. Just thought I’d tell you that.

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