at a wedding

The daughter of my childhood friend was married this week.

I always dread dressing for a wedding.

I tend to buy something in a panic at the last minute, pay too much, and never wear it again. A touch of glamour but heavy on comfort is my preference, which rules out stilettos. Now I’ve discovered another reason not to wear them: they sink into the grass at an outdoor wedding and turn you into a decoration on a golf tee. There were lots of them at this wedding.

The lace coat above was found at a vintage shop in the South Island. It’s home made, and as luck would have it for the wearer, fit right in with the colour scheme of the crowd, who wore

blue, coral


and yellow!

The mother of the bride, seen here giving her daughter away, (strange term, but both parents participated, which was a nice modern touch) wore this fabulous Dries Van Noten. What a genius he is at allowing women to be stylish and comfortable. Note the deep raglan sleeve.

shoes to match

Men have it easy. A decent suit and they’re set up for years. David wore the Paul Smith suit he wore for our wedding in Santa Monica seven years ago. The shoes are Paul Smith, too, with maps of London imprinted on the rubber soles. His excuse for not wearing them between weddings is that he wants to keep them fresh in case he ever gets lost there…..

This girl wins the prize for deportment in high heels.

More shoes

Fidgety flower girl

and what did I wear? This dress, from Zambesi, with different eye makeup…

I covered it with a thin wool mesh Dosa cardigan that’s been hiding in my closet since the 90’s, just waiting for the right dress to come along.

Fountain near the wedding garden. Swans mate for life, I think?

5 Responses to “at a wedding”

  1. yoel Says:

    What fun! The blue lace is gorgeous and looks perfectly glam and comfy for a wedding.

  2. Marilyn Laktin Says:

    Mel, you look absolutely stunning! And so does David! Hehe!

  3. Emma Says:

    Mel – you look a million times better than the Zambesi model in that dress! Not only are you a great writer and crafter but I will have to add hot model to the list! Nice photos of the wedding – it was like being virtually there. And so appropriate because of the royal wedding on Friday. Hope all the knitting ladies are great! Emma

  4. Kim Says:

    Hi Mel, you look very glam :) I agree with Emma, you look a million times better than the Zambesi model! I really miss my Tuesday night knitting with you and the girls and I hope to get my act together soon and come and visit with you all. Kim xo

  5. Anna Vegezzi Says:

    Look at how glamorous you are! beautiful choice Mel. Love the hair-do as well. Tres chic!

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