time to knit

I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to write about lately.

It’s not for lack of inspiration. Lots of knitting has been rolling off my needles and I fear I’m developing knitter’s bottom.

Some projects I’m so happy with, I want to sleep with them under my pillow. Some, alas, are not quite what I had in mind, and the only way to deal with such a catastrophe is to 1: put it away, out of sight and try to forget about the wasted hours. 2: write it off under lessons learned and be grateful I’ll never make that particular mistake again 3: put it aside in the hope that when I see it again it will have transformed into something I like. This can happen. It’s not magic. Sometimes I finish things and just plain hate them. Then I can look at them months later and think they’re not so bad after all, even quite good. I’ve learned not to throw things in the trash.

In the meantime, here are some things that have been inspiring me lately.

This doll, by Claire Inwood. Claire is a local artist who uses vintage fabrics and embroiders beautiful faces.The fabric on her skirt just happens to be the same one I used for David’s Christmas shirt, in a different colourway. Needless to say, she came home with me.

This independently-minded flower appeared on an orchid I’ve had since we first moved here four years ago. It lives outside and seems to thrive on neglect, until it flowers, then I bring it inside and take credit for its beauty. This year it sent out a sideways bloom that miraculously, did not break.

My eggplant (aubergine in this part of the world, don’t know why) finally bore fruit. After reading up on the subject, I realized I was fortunate to get this many. I’m going to grill them and serve with a little goat cheese.

David and I went for a Sunday clamber the other weekend. Around North Head, the volcanic cone that guards our Auckland harbour entrance.

the view to Rangitoto Island, another volcano..

Late afternoon creeping winter shadows. Time to go home for a cup of tea and more knitting.

5 Responses to “time to knit”

  1. Karen Says:

    I love Clare’s dolls. They are magical and have such personality!

  2. knitxcore Says:

    i wish i could get some knitting done, i’ve been so sidetracked lately.
    that doll is magic.

  3. StellaMM Says:

    Elizabeth Zimmermann did a New Zealand jersey that incorporates the Rangitoto peak, worth checking out at Schoolhouse Press, but I don’t know that I would go so far as to knit it (can you guess it has lots of garter stitch!). By UK BIL had his Parnell office overlooking a view of Rangitoto and thought it so cool to be looking at a volcano. He was so impressed.

    I can’t remember the name of this family of orchids but I will ask DH, he will know. I think this sort is scented. I think it likes heat (glasshouse/greenhouse) but I will ask DH about that too. Yes I have been to many orchid shows.

  4. StellaMM Says:

    The orchid is an oncidium.

  5. Mel Says:

    thank you for the orchid ID, Stella.

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