it’s the little things

I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of small things that I rely on for my sanity. They set off a raucous alarm bell in my head  and have me running in circles when I can’t find them.

Scissors, for example. I can never have too many. The little retractable pair above, which I’ve taken to wearing around my neck on a length of French monogrammed ribbon I found at Madder & Rouge, are particularly precious. They’re called Slip N Snip and are perfect for hanging around your neck because the blades hide inside the handles once they retract. I took them for granted in the USA because you can buy them in every knitting shop. Please, someone write to them and tell them they need to export to New Zealand! I’ve tried.

I guard my stitch markers closely, too. Now, they have a pesky habit of bouncing off my needles and disappearing so that I don’t find them until I pull the furniture away from the wall to vacuum. Let’s face it, that could be months. Ring markers, especially the small ones, are like little missiles that evaporate into thin air once they’ve left your needles. Essential to my knitting is having a few in one colour, and one or two contrasting, for the end of a round. They are the most likely escape artists, like socks in the laundry. There must be a Bermuda triangle of contrasting stitch markers somewhere.

My retractable tape measure is another friend I’ve been forced to duplicate just in case I fall out with it. In fact, it’s safer to have several in reserve because they can hide very deftly in plain sight on the coffee table, under a book or a pile of knitting.

My needle gauge is irreplaceable. I bought it on ebay a few years ago and I use it every time I start a new project because most of my needles’ sizes have worn off. I really don’t know how anyone gets on without one.

Locking stitch markers, too. They are so handy, for holding  a dropped stitch, marking areas on an edge to be picked up, even holding pieces of a garment together so that you can try it on. I read years ago that when she and Sonny became successful, Cher bought several of everything, just in case success didn’t last. I’ve got Cher syndrome for knitting tools. I like to have back-up.

There are things I rely on in my neighbourhood, too. Like my local deli. The Little Grocer. It oozes charm, and every day I give thanks that it’s there, a three-minute walk around the corner to a place where I can buy delicious vegan cakes (no kidding, they are just like the other variety and every bit as indulgent) and excellent coffee, with something I’ve seen nowhere else, an oat milk option for us dairy freegans. Fish n chips on Friday nights are a must!

You’ll get the idea.

Banana Donuts! Mmmmmm.

On my way home today I peeked though this gate. Who would think it’s winter with so many flowers in bloom?

3 Responses to “it’s the little things”

  1. Leslie Says:

    How lovely, thanks for sharing and our stitch markers must be related.

  2. Gina diroma-Edwards Says:

    I second that!…… as well as it’s so nice that you are so tuned into what makes you happy.

  3. lisa miller Says:

    what a lovely stroll home- love the deli and those sumptuous cakes!
    I have my special tools as well in my studio, I cannot bear it when I
    have misplaced them, particular brushes, rulers and set squares!
    Thought you were coming to visit soon? Let me know…. xolisa

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