November 30

More stunning textiles from the Pacific region.

Remember when I wrote about the fun I had at a tivaevae (Cook Islands appliqué) workshop? Now there’s an exhibit of crochet and embroidery from another south Pacific nation, Tonga.

It’s at Objectspace on Ponsonby Road until December 22. I can’t wait to see it. Judging by these images, it promises to be exquisite.


What have I been making lately?

It’s not often I write about a work in progress but I’ve decided to share this one as it evolves because I’m excited about it and it’s such a simple thing (oh dear, I hope it turns out as I imagine, otherwise I’ll have to fake it).

My niece is getting marred in January, and I wanted to give her something hand knit for her home. She and her fiancé recently moved into a vintage 1960’s house which has wood floors throughout, so I thought a rug might go down well, so to speak. It’s something I’ve wanted to make  for years, big, bold, and felted. Manos Wool Clasica has a fabulous bright red, the colour of passion and prosperity, perfect for newly weds, don’t you think?

Making a rug in one piece would be a hot and cumbersome task, so this one is a collection of large hexagon medallions, easy and fast to make on large needles with the yarn doubled. Medallions are my new favourite construction shape. I used them in the yoke of Paloma.

The fun part is deciding how to configure them. Then comes the stitching together and the felt, felt, felting. If it turns out to be too large for my washing machine, I’ll take it to a commercial laundry and ask them to wash the daylights out of it.

So, what shape?


or circle/flower?

6 Responses to “November 30”

  1. Nicky Says:

    The round one looks great .

  2. LauraRose Says:

    What fun. I like both choices. If they are more “contemporary” in their tastes, I’d vote for the parallelogram. It’s quite unique. If they are more “traditional,” go with the circle–joined in a different color it would look like a flower.

  3. Hannah Says:

    The rhombus! The colour IS great! I hope it fits your washing machine!

  4. Valerie Says:

    I love your blog! The rug is fab, will you please post a pic after you felt it?

  5. Karen Says:

    Hi Mel,
    I think the flower. A red rose is the symbol of passionate love (according to the Victorians?), great for newlyweds!

  6. Anna Vegezzi Says:

    I’m buying the symbolism of the red rose for newlyweds. No matter how modern a house, a little touch of the Victorian always looks good.

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