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Here it is the end of January and here I am writing my blog, at last.

I’ve been concentrating on my health, a good reason to put everything else on hold, yes?  This week I took the plunge and did the first part of a Buteyko breathing course. It was a shock to me that I developed asthma when I arrived here in NZ five years ago. Who would’ve thunk it? 25 years in a huge city like LA with it’s smog issues, then come to the South Pacific and have difficulty breathing. Apparently it has nothing to do with pollution. It’s the spores, molds, pollens and things that are floating in vast numbers here in Auckland that are the problem.

I’ll report back on the course because there may be some fellow asthmatics reading this, but it won’t be for 6 weeks because that’s how long I need to be doing the exercises in order to know how effective they are.

I’m learning how to breathe again.

So now that I’m up for air (so to speak) and while I’m breathing more slowly and deliberately, I’m thinking about all of my favourite things. India was here for a two weeks and luckily, the summer weather cooperated,  but not in the way that sun lovers would want. There was rain almost every day, but we didn’t mind. I hear there was a mid-summer knitting surge. It was certainly true in my house. Indy and I drank tea, watched Downtown Abbey several times, and knitted, of course.  There we have it, four favourite things all on the one sofa.

We did venture out a few times, to take a peek in the shops, for one thing.

Delicious Mei Mei on Ponsonby Road always has the best shoes. The line up above is from Japanese/Spanish designer  Chie Mihara whose work I would like to own all of.

Here’s Mei Mei’s window, also incorporating some faves: 30’s pottery, vintage garden cross stitch, and a pair of drop dead gorgeous suede boots. I love a good window display don’t you?

doggies are happy


Also on my Love List is Tessuti on Jervois Road in Herne Bay. They stock Missoni towels. Sigh. Always tempted, seldom buy, except for special occasions. A little butterfly hand towel has been given as a birthday gift and David knows where to go when May comes around.



and here’s where the knitting comes in, as it always does. Stitch pattern ceramics from Sydney (apologies for forgetting the designer’s name. Maybe an Aussie will help me out?).

Who can’t appreciate a cafe that would serve tea in a chartreuse teapot with a genuine old school milk bottle? The Department Store in Takapuna is the place.


In case you think we’re frightfully shallow and only ever go shopping, we went to museums and galleries, read books and cooked. Walks between rain showers were lovely, with the foliage all fresh and well-watered.

This everyday plant (botany enthusiasts, name please) seemed so happy in it’s many shades of green glory. You can’t help but feel good to look at it.

It’s the little things that count.

5 Responses to “favourite things”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love those shoes, especially the ones on the left. Very cool! Love her website too, thanks!
    I hope you cure your asthma.

  2. jody Says:

    I am thrilled that you are back! So worth waiting for, this post. The boots are to die for, along with just about everything else. My daughter developed asthma recently. I wonder if the breathing course could help her…

  3. Marian Says:

    I can just picture you happily knitting, chatting, drinking tea with India. Sounds as if you have had a great Summer.

  4. Leticia Says:

    I am glad you are back! I am so jealous, rain in the summer, so unlike us here in LA, where it has barely rained, and it’s winter! I remember the weather in NZ from when we visited back in 2006–I think it’s my favorite weather of anyplace I’ve ever been. Sounds like a wonderful summer, in spite of your asthma. And I love the shoes too, just gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Melissa Says:

    Mel, hope you had a lovely time with India. Your post made me miss Auckland! Look after yourself Mel.

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