yee haw

This is for all those behind-the-times folks who still think knitting’s for spinsters with nothing better to do.

I found it the other day, via facebook and one of my favourite businesses¬†Playclothes¬†in Burbank, Calfornia. They have the best selection of vintage clothing short of an actual vintage textile show. It’s all hand picked and glorious.

It’s a book of knitting patterns, apparently. I wonder what’s inside. It’s out of print but it is available second hand here

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

3 Responses to “yee haw”

  1. KarenJ Says:

    Just out of curiosity I checked out Amazon UK. They had two copies, starting at 514 pounds sterling. (Guess who has no idea how to find symbols on her new laptop.) U.S. was substantially cheaper at under a hundred dollars!

  2. Marian Says:

    Cowboy knitting whilst sitting on a horse – far out! Thanks for sharing Playclothes with us. Such a cool name for the business too.

  3. JessicaWalls Says:

    Oh My! I have this book and enjoy reading it.

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