jewellery for knitters

I’m a later starter when it come to shawl pins. I shy away because most of them look very pointy and liable to stab you in the heart if you stumble when you’re running across the road in your high heels.

So, how delighted I was to find these knit fasteners, which I heard about through the grapevine because the Los Angeles artist, Laurie Gilbert, was having a trunk show at my old shop in Santa Monica.

I love the organic shapes and the fact that they’re inspired by nature. The one below is Calla, after the lily. It’s photographed on the ladylike Mrs Lovechild Shawl, featured on the cover of my book.

After looking at Laurie’s website I  got excited and placed an order for three, one for myself and two gifts. Now that my order has arrived I find myself tempted by the Wave Pin Fastener. Love that it closes like a brooch! What to do!

Laurie holds some stock, but also makes to order, in sterling silver if you’d like. You can email her from her website and ask as many questions as you like.

This one is Pebble

It’s on a wide mohair scarf I knitted several years ago, from GGH Kid Mohair. Now I can wear it as a shawl. If any one is interested in making it, I used 6 balls and the stitch pattern is “Scroll” on page 220 of Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting patterns. 


Happy knitting!




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  1. Sylvie Says:

    These are beautiful! That scarf is also gorgeous, I’m hoping I can find it in your book!!

  2. Gina diroma-Edwards Says:

    These are fabulous Mel, boy you have confirmed one more time that you have the eye for lovely things! I am anxious to receive your new book.

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