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I love vintage patterns, don’t you? I have an eclectic collection, many bought during a new-to-ebay obsessive buying frenzy, with a few handed down from my Mum.

This week I was a guest blogger at the Lovecrafts website in the UK, talking about my childhood spent waiting with my mother for the English Womens’ Weekly to arrive. Even then, it was all about the knitting patterns. I still have some. You’ll see them there.

I made a wonderful discovery this week that I’d like to share with you. Highly inventive designer, author and blogger Annie Modesitt reviews my book here, and while cruising around her website I discovered her online classes. Watching the sample steam blocking class, I learned so much about blocking, the need for it, how to do it and best of all, it’s infused with Annie’s wickedly dry sense of humour. It whet my appetite for more. If they’re all that informative and funny, I’m signing up!

Now, back to vintage. Ingrid, a reader from Sweden, wrote and asked me if I might be willing to share a design I included in my 2009 post about vintage patterns. It’s a cardigan from a WW2-era pamphlet of practical designs suitable for wearing while you contributed to the war effort. 

It just happens to have been Anzac Day here. For any non-antipodeans readers, Anzac is an acronym for the Australia New Zealand Army Corps, who fought together during both the world wars. We honour their memory every year and there’s even a delicious biscuit named after them which we eat all year round, not just on the day, because it’s so rich, crunchy and delicious, You can find a recipe on Ryan Reineck’s blog. Ryan lives in Brooklyn NY, is an avid knitter, gardener and foodie, and seems to know about Anzac.

Back to the cardigan. I decided to share it, and I may share a few more of my vintage patterns. I feel that they’re not my designs to sell, and what’s the point of them gathering dust in my closet?  The one Ingrid requested is the Utility or Service Cardigan (below), a v-neck with a nice ribbed yoke. You’ll find the PDF in my list of free patterns.  If you download it, please, be so kind as to leave a comment.

Happy knitting!

7 Responses to “sharing the vintage love”

  1. Marie Says:

    I love this pattern and am looking forward to more!
    Annie’s video is wonderful.

  2. Astoria Says:

    Love this, thanks for the download. I’ve been nervous about attempting to knit vintage patterns but I’m taking Franklin Habit’s class on knitting them at Squam next month, so hopefully that will give me some courage.

  3. Elisa Ashley Says:

    I love vintage patterns. I’ve been perusing some for coat ideas for Abigail. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nellie Says:

    Are you interested in vintage sewing patterns? There are drawers of them in my local op shops. Just wondering (I’m in Taupo).

  5. Mel Says:

    Hi Nellie,
    I’ll bet they’re fabulous! I don’t use vintage sewing patterns because I’m too busy knitting but I’m sure there would be lots of interest from sewers.

  6. Ingling Says:

    Hurray, thank you for the download! And in different sizes as well, what a bonus! Now I just have to decide what color to knit it in :) (Suitable enough it’s WW2 Liberation day here in Norway today.)

  7. Terry Says:

    Thank you for helping preserve knitting history and for sharing so generously.
    I downloaded the Service Sweaters for my granddaughter. I know she will feel a connection with the other women who’ve led the way in the service of their country. She has joined Americore and we are very proud of her.

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