June knitting

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had fun this week, and it’s all been about gloves. First, I made these for my friend Ingrids’ birthday. She’s the same dear friend who is the recipient of a pair of Shiraz slippers. Her style is not at all frilly, so I decided to make the July Gloves minus the lace panel. I kept the opening, and made just one line of bobbles. I hope she likes them. They’re in Koigu KPM shade 1110.

Here they are….

Do any of you have something like this lying around your house? Precious little leftover balls of yarn you just can’t bear to part with?

These are all Koigu kpm, collected over the 12 years I’ve been knitting with it. There is more, actually a large zipped plastic duvet bag, but shhhhh! I find it very hard to discard small bits of yarn, so I end up with a bin full of it. Not just Koigu. I find it hard to discard any yarn. It just seems wasteful and I always harbour a vague idea that I’ll find a use for it. So, this week, I did.

I’m sometimes asked where I get my inspiration, and I always give the usual list  (textiles, travel, museums, nature, etc ) which, without examples, can seem a bit dry. So let me show you what I found recently, and what it inspired.

It’s an Indian throw made of old saris, big and small pieces patched together and then quilted. I fell in love with it, so I bought it for myself as a reward for…well, do I really need an excuse? It must have been the inspiration for my current project, gloves made from my scraps.

Here they are

I’m using the July Gloves pattern for the fingers and making up the rest.

I’m going to continue for a few days on this quest to use up my stash and will report back with some more examples.

It’s SO much fun to do this. Next up, I think it’ll be fingerless gloves with stripes.


6 Responses to “June knitting”

  1. Ann Says:

    Such pretty gloves! I always find the fingers so fiddly–you must have some special gene for them.

  2. Darlene Says:

    I got a big smile for your gloves. They’re beautiful and will be cause for a lot of smiles. I’m a fingerless mitt person myself, found the fingers to be too fiddly for me to knit.

  3. Sandy G. Says:

    So fun and cheerful looking! I’ve got the same yarn-hoarding habit. I remember reading how you needed string for something in your garden and voila! is yarn not string??? Yes, that’s my excuse now for saving little balls of yarn. It’s string! I actually trussed up a chicken for the patio rotisserie last weekend with some white cotton/acrylic Jeannee’ because I ran out of kitchen string. It worked just fine and hubby was impressed.

  4. Marian Says:

    Beautiful gloves. How can your dear friend not love them. Don’t you find sometimes that yarn can become like an old friend. Maybe that is why it is so hard to throw those yarn ends away.

  5. kate Says:

    Oh my giddy aunt those gloves are amazing. Do you know that I haven’t done the book review yet because I have been so busy using it!!! I will do a big reveal this week…. After finishing my cardigan, I came to the conclusion that you are a knitting einstein.
    Lots of love,
    Kate xxooxx.

  6. Balzac Says:

    The gloves are so cute!

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