knitalong and The Met

Next week on Ravelry I’m hosting a knitalong for my July Gloves. You can make them with lace as seen in the book


or without, the instructions for which I’ll be posting as we go.  We’ll be using the book for the basic pattern.

If I wasn’t in the throes of pattern editing, I’d be tempted to get on a plane bound for New York, and go to see this.  I love Prada, and the opportunity to see a range of her work in one place is, perhaps, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A ticket and long journey being out of the question for now, I settled in for the afternoon and got onto The Met’s website, which caters for those of is who must live vicariously. There’s the not-to-be-missed conversation between Iris Apfel, the 90 year old pistol, eccentric dresser and fashion maven, and Tavi Gevinson, the famous teen fashion blogger. Best of all, it’s moderated by Judith Thurman of the New Yorker, whose biography of Isak Dinesen (aka Karen Blixen) I adored reading and has put the Dinesen house in Denmark on my list of places to visit soon. The discussion is called Good Taste/Bad Taste and you’ll find the video here. Iris Apfel is a hoot, very intelligent and funny. It’s worth watching just for her riff on the subject of sleeves.

Also on The Met’s website for those of us deprived by geography are several imaginary conversations between the two designers, across the eras, directed by Baz Luhrman, with Miuccia Prada playing herself, and Judy Davis playing Schiaperelli. You’ll find them here.

I admit that I was at first intimated by the Prada brand. Something to do with the madness over those black nylon handbags in the 80s that were her first big hit and everyone except me was dying for. Since then I’ve grown to appreciate her demure style.

Here are some yes-pleases and want-wants from Prada’s recent Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

One can dream…..

Has anyone out there been to see the Met show? Reports, please!

3 Responses to “knitalong and The Met”

  1. heather Says:

    Those Prada pantsuits are amazing, especially the one with the hexagons. I’d love to see the show, too, but I’m too far away. Loved the interviews!

  2. Mary Says:

    I highly recommend the MET show. I am lucky enough to live close by and saw it. The outfits and accessories were amazing and it was interesting how much these two designers had in common. The Bad Luhrman film was shown throughout the exhibit and was a wonderful compliment to the show. I especially loved the Prada shoes paired with Schiaperelli hats. I recommend the wonderful exhibit book published by the MET (available on their website and also from Amazon).

  3. Karen at Struan Farm Says:

    Wow, love that last orange number at the bottom–is it a wrap skirt over cropped pants? Could this be done knitted? Boggles the mind….

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