KAL for paisley cuffs

Hi Knitters,

I hope you’ve had an excellent week and enjoyed the Olympics opening ceremony as much as I did. My only quibble was the absence of Sir Elton. He wasn’t even in the music medley.

My Planet Purl event is up in the archives if you’d like to watch it. You’ll find it¬† here.

More fun: I’m hosting a knitalong over on my Ravelry group for these Paisley Cuffs from my book. Knitters are going to make them in some interesting combos, including stripes and multi-colors and they’ve inspired me to do the same. I think I’m going to use this or this with a harmonious color for the paisley shapes.

I’m excited to have finished my Sarah Lund-ish pullover. Oh, the joys of top down construction. No sewing or finishing other than weaving in the ends. I used yarn I’ve had for a proverbial seven years, doubling my pleasure. What a feeling of lightness to have diminished my considerable stash, while gaining a sweater I hope to wear often. I took some clothes to the recycle shop last week, so there is room for something new….

Have I ever mentioned the Naughty Shopper New Clothes Justification Method that I learned about via India and her high school friends? When you buy something new, credit yourself¬† an amount, like 50 cents or a dollar, every time you wear it. Think of it as renting it from yourself. If you end up wearing it so much that you’re in the black, the purchase was justified. You might even accumulate credit, which you can apply to some of your more reckless purchases that shout “spendthrift!” every time you open your closet door.

I use it for the tie-dyed velvet Collette Dinnigan coat I bought back in 1999 to wear to an imagined turn-of-the-millenniun party that didn’t eventuate. As always, I stayed in by the fire on New Years Eve and have never actually worn it. I will not supply you with a photo even though I have one, because I’m afraid of the raucous laughter that might ensue. It’s that bad. It has hung in my closet ever since, reminding me of my folly. It came with me on my perp walk to the recycle shop last week and guess what? They didn’t want it! No wonder I’ve never worn it. Fortunately my two beloved Commes Des Garcons cotton shirts easily make up for this carelessness because I’ve thrashed them til they’re now approaching tatty.

Here is my new Lundish pullover which I made using the Elizabeth Zimmerman proportions but diverging slightly because I like my necklines a bit lower and wider than hers. This top-down raglan style flatters everyone, even those of us who could do with a bit more exercise. I included a little shaping at the sides.

Now for a brisk walk….

xoxo Mel

7 Responses to “KAL for paisley cuffs”

  1. zenitude Says:

    I also wondered why Elton was not at the opening ceremonies but I think they might have kept him for something big at the closing ceremonies!?!?

  2. Mel Says:

    Ah, that makes sense! I hope so.

  3. lisa Says:

    HI Mel,

    I loved the opening ceremony- so brilliant, quirky and british. Proud of
    Danny Boyle. miss you -love the green sweater. Guess I better start knitting. Alba off to Montreal on 8/24 with me…… oh so excited for her
    but very sad indeed…. I know you get it. Liam thriving at Mozza… more later xo

  4. Mel Says:

    Yes, Lisa, you must knit something for Alba! It’s going to be freezing in Montreal! Better still, she might learn to knit while she’s there?

  5. Stephanie Says:

    In the early 70s there was an American who promoted CPW in a wardrobe book – my memory is a bit hazy about the book – Cost Per Wearing. This is the NSNCJM in reverse. The answer is still the same, more of less.

    Like you, I have a couple of wardrobe items that have cost me the purchase price. The method requires you to estimate how many times you would wear/use the item before purchase, and buy or not on that basis. Works very well for everyday items but not so much for the evening dress, etc.

  6. Mel Says:

    That’s very interesting Stephanie.Thanks for sharing!

  7. Diana Says:

    Had you thought about donating your tie dye velvet coat to the wardrobe department of either a local rep or a secondary school? I know our school, Mt Roskill Grammar, would take it.

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