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Hi Knitters,

This is a photo of my friend Alison, a fellow kiwi-American expat, outside Imagiknit in San Francisco, where she spied my book in the window display! It’s in the bottom right of the photo. I was quite excited about this. Check out their website. They have an astonishing selection of yarns including the best selection of Madelinetosh colours I’ve seen anywhere.

I waited patiently through the Olympic closing ceremony, was brought to tears by John Lennon singing Imagine – what a beautiful touch – and by the end, still no Elton. I’d imagined him bringing it to a rocking close. No Sting, The Clash (how could London Calling not be included?), Eric Clapton? And may I ask why George Michael had two songs, one of them a new single to be released the following day and therefore hardly appropriate for a retrospective selection of popular British music. Who let that one through? That’s my only grumble. I enjoyed the ceremony, and after Lennon, my favourite moment was Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset. No lip synching thank you very much, and no pitch correction. Reaching for the high notes. What a brave man, and in the spirit of the Olympics. The Kinks were my teen heart throbs, so I’m biased.

What did you knit during the Olympics?

I made this bath mat as part of a spring home-sprucing.

It took 3 hanks of Allhemp6, doubled stranded on size 5.5 mm needles. The stitch pattern is an easy rickrack that goes like this with a multiple of 4 stitches (I cast on 56):

Row 1: K1, * take right-hand needle behind work, skip 1 st and knit the 2nd st through the back of the loop and leave on needle; then knit the skipped st through the front loop; then slide both sts from the needle together; k2; repeat from *, ending last repeat k1.

Row 2: K1, *p2, k2; repeat from *, ending last repeat k1.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2.

I worked a single crochet around the edge of my mat, but it’s not necessary.

I love making things for my house, don’t you?

I’m still using the bath mat I made for Knit 2 Together. Six years on, it’s still going strong. What a great investment of time and materials.



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