Loving London

London is better than ever. There’s so much good food, design, and so many beautiful shops.

The first thing I noticed was the creative store names. Broadway Market in Hackney has a gorgeous combination of the trendy new and the traditional. Hand made was everywhere.

In East London  Labour and Wait was my favorite store. Housed in an old pub called the Dolphin, it specializes in functional items which are everyday classics and therefore will not date.

These Welsh blankets caught my eye and having caught a cold the minute I arrived,  I walked out with several large polka dot handkerchiefs.

The canal near Broadway Market, packed boats of all shapes and sizes

and the floating hat shop.


More boats, on the canal in Victoria Park.

My visit to Loop was a highlight. I’d heard so much about it. The shop is several floors, all artful display, gorgeous yarns and helpful, friendly staff. Bravo, Susan!

I loved this garland across the stairs to an upper level. Felted balls and scraps of fabric = charming!

What’s really wonderful about London, and Brooklyn, New York, where I’m currently enjoying myself (will discuss this later) is that there are so many beautiful, independent stores that seem to be thriving. Owners of small businesses put so much heart, soul and in many cases, creativity into their work, it’s up to us to support them, don’t you think?


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