Raspberry Bed Socks

 At the risk of sounding like the Southern Californian I used to be, I must say it’s been cold here lately. Not South Island cold, or New York cold, but this winter has been colder than last, which is my only benchmark because I missed so many. The opportunity to wear all my wool sweaters must be celebrated! Nights have been especially chilly and since we don’t keep our house overly heated in the interests of being responsible electricity consumers, extra clothing has crept into my bed. I’ve drawn the line at wearing a hat, but my Novella Socks/leg warmers have been keeping my legs cozy. This brought me to thinking about the old fashioned bed socks popular in many of my vintage knitting books, and how useful a pair might be. I made these for my Mum, Daphne (hence the heart-shaped bobble motif), but I’ve now started on a pair for myself. I plan to wear them inside my clogs once spring approaches.


I wonder if anyone loves Koigu Kersti as much as I do? Because it’s a crepe yarn I’m guessing it will never pill, which makes it perfect for these sockettes which will be much worn, rubbed and loved. It combines indestructibility with beauty and softness, thanks to the merino wool and the fantastic colour sense of the dyers at Koigu. It might even be my Desert Island yarn, although it would have to compete with its sister KPM for that honour. I had to restrain myself from adding pompoms to the ties since the heart motif was already sounding my cuteness alarm, but you could pile it on, or leave out the bobbles and add the poms or tassles, like ladies in the old knitting books who, in my opinion, new a thing or two about glamour, in bed. 








Here’s the pattern.


note: if you’re not sure how to make I-cord on double pointed needles, there’s a tutorial on the Waste Not, Want Not post.


Raspberry Bed Socks



Koigu Kersti 100% merino wool; 50g/100m/114yds; 2 hanks K1184

Extra fingering weight yarn or ribbon for ties. [I used Koigu KPM 1184]



Set of 5 Size 3.25mm (US3) and 3.5mm (US4) 18cm[7”] double pointed needles 



2 removable markers

3 stitch markers, 1 in contrasting colour



To fit foot length 18(20.5,23) cm/7(8,9) inches



22 sts & 36 rows = 10cm/4” in garter stitch on larger needles

24 sts & 32rows = 10cm in stst on larger needles



Make bobble (mb)

Beginning with next stitch on Left Needle, cast on 4 sts by knit cast on method. Knit these 4 sts, dropping original stitch off needle. On Right Needle, pass the 3rd stitch over the 4th st and off the needle, repeat for 2nd and 1st stitches. There is one stitch left.



With larger needles, cast on 7 sts, work in garter stitch, increasing at each end of alternate rows 5 times–17sts Work 22(26,30) rows straight, placing removable marker at each end of 15th row.

Decrease each end of next and following 4th row twice –11sts

Work 36(40,44) rows garter stitch.

Decrease each end of next row and following 2 alternate rows–5sts

Work one row. Bind off. 



With RS of sole facing, beginning at last bind off stitch (at heel), and working toward toe or wider end of sole, pick up and knit 33(39,45) sts to first removable marker (discard removable marker), place stitch marker, 35 sts to next removable marker (including 7 sts from cast on sts of sole), pm, 38(44,50) to end (including 5 sts from bind off sts of sole), pm for beg of round–106(118,130) sts.


Rnds 1-4:Knit

Begin toe decreases.

Rnd 5: K to 1st marker, [ssk, k2] three times, ssk, k3, mb, k3, [k2tog, k2] three times, k2tog, k to end–98(110,122) sts

Rnd 6:Knit

Rnd 7:K to marker, k11, mb, k3, mb, k to end.

Rnd 8:Knit

Rnd 9:K to marker, [k1, ssk] three times, mb, k7, mb, [k2tog, k1] three times, k to 5 sts before end of rnd, ssk, k1, k2tog–90(102,114) sts

Rnds 10 & 11: Knit

Rnd 12:K to marker, k6, [mb, k3] twice, mb, k to end.

Rnd 13:K to marker, k3, ssk, k11, k2tog, k to end–88(100, 112) sts

Rnds 14: K to marker, k7, mb, k3, mb, k to end.

Rnds 15&16: Knit

Begin short rows:

Row 17:K to marker, k14, wrap, turn,

Row 18:P10, wrap, turn,

Row 19: K9, wrap, turn,

Row 20:P8, wrap, turn,

Row 21: Knit to end.

Rnd 22: K to marker, k5, [ssk] twice, k1, [k2tog] twice, k to end–84(96,108) sts

Change to smaller needles.

Rnd 23: *K1, p1; repeat from * to end.

Rnd 24: *K1, p1, yo, p2tog; repeat from * to end.

Rnd 25: as Rnd 23

Bind off.

With smaller needles, cast on 3 sts, make I –cord 56cm[22”] long. Thread through eyelets and tie a knot in each end. 


20 Responses to “Raspberry Bed Socks”

  1. Sarah Says:

    These are very cute! I’ve added to them to Ravelry queue. :-)

  2. Marilyn Says:

    OOOh la la! Love them! My sister and I are going to start them today! These are so darling. Your mommy is going to love them! Having a great time knitting with my sister. Almost finished the market bag which I will be needing to use in about 2 hours so I must get it finished to start the bed socks. xxMarilyn

  3. Barb Says:

    We’re just back from a Melbourne holiday. I am infused with a need for more style in my life (not to mention warmer footwear) so I think I could do with a pair of those. NOICE quilt underneath, too!

  4. Janet Says:

    Lovely – lovely – lovely oh and yummy too. Thank you for sharing!
    felixsisknits on Ravelry

  5. Vicky Says:

    This are so lovely…I will enjoy working on these, and using them when my tootsies get a little cold.

  6. Dii Says:

    these are so cute! I guess I know what’s getting shipped to all the women/girls on my xmas list this year!

  7. Rachel Says:

    These are super cute! I’ll be linking to these later today!

  8. ginger Says:

    Absolutely precious! Would make a great present for any time.
    hugs ginger
    Great pattern!

  9. pants Says:

    Absolutely precious!
    I’ve noticed people praising the Kersti and it made me wonder, what is the difference btw crepe yarn and other yarns? I mean I know what crepe fabric looks like, kinda crinkled, but do items knit with crepe yarn come out looking different than items knit with non-crepe yarn? your slippers don’t look that crinkly. ?
    thanks for sharing your pattern!

  10. pants Says:

    omg, i didn’t even look at the poster before me’s post. I used the exact same exclamation! Was not trying to be a copycat, i swear.

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    […] Raspberry Bed Socks: Too cute! Free knitting pattern for these adorable bed socks. […]

  12. carolyn Says:

    wow these are wonderful

  13. paulina Says:

    Is there anybody who can translate this knitting pattern into german?

  14. again paulina... Says:

    I would love to knit these cute socks but my english is too bad to understand this pattern….so please if theres anybody who is able to translate it into german I would be very grateful!!!

  15. Jackie Brooks Says:


    If you have not got a translation yet, email me at: selbybrooks@yahoo.com

    Put ‘Raspberry Bed Socks’ in the subject line.


  16. Kit Kita Says:

    Our church group ‘Loving Stitches’ is looking for a simple pattern for bed socks. i think this is it.
    I did not see a correction for rows 14 and 22 at the end. Only what is in order for the rows. What am I missing?

  17. Mel Says:

    I’ve already corrected the pattern. Happy knitting!

  18. Kay - From the Back Yard Says:

    These are very pretty; thank you for the pattern!

  19. Kat Says:

    Love these! However I’m in a bit of a confuddle…I’m a young lady with a larger foot, 28-29 cm long in fact. I haven’t had any experience in modifying patterns and I just wondered if you had some tips on how to make these gorgeous shoes to fit my feet??

  20. Mel Says:

    Hello Kat,

    They stretch a lot, but if you want to make them larger, work a few more rows of garter stitch for the sole, then add that number of stitches to the pick up around the edge of the soles for the slipper upper, half on each side. Please email me if you need any further help.

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