Woodstock revisited


Well, January was hijacked by the flu, so I have been silent. I really didn’t think a flu could be as bad as it was. I kept hoping it would be over in a couple of days, but oh, no. It’s a sneaky little virus that keeps returning for impromptu visits when you think you’re finally rid of it. But rid of it I now am, in Los Angeles too, and enjoying the sunny weather.

Now for my news. Knitters have been emailing me to ask when South Seas Knitting will be back in business. I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to be returning. David and I have made the decision to return to live in California for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is our kids and David’s Mum. We want to spend more time with them. Los Angeles will be our home once again.

What am I going to do with my incredibly large stash of yarn? I do have a plan. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I settle in here.

For now, I’d like to share with you another beautiful place in Woodstock. We love  that town and found ourselves heading back there after a snow storm.

This cottage was just across the road and down a bit from the last one and every bit as charming. We met the delightful owners Phil and Sarah, an English couple, in Brooklyn.

I’ll start with the outdoors:

Phil and Sarah’s place (which you can find here and here) is called Bearsville Retreat. It’s two small houses with a gorgeous swimming pool which we didn’t see because it was covered in snow!

It’s next to a family farm where they sell their own fresh maple syrup tapped from trees on the property, and where the owner rebuilt board by board the red barn that his thrifty father had taken down and stored.

a snowbound scottie


and a real dog, Rosie

bothering chipmunks under the house

from one apple tree to another……do you see why I want to return in spring?

to sit in this glider

or read Mrs Dalloway while sipping iced tea?

Stepping inside we took off our brand new sorels.

everything I love: color, crockery, hand made things


and a clean, well-equipped kitchen

We loved this place and I really do want to return in spring to swing in the hammock under the apple blossoms.

We said our goodbyes to Phil and Sarah

and they to us

Driving back to Brooklyn, David decided to take the New Jersey route which involved crossing Manhattan. By the way, the Apple navigation app works great. Ours has an Aussie accent because Davids’ phone was bought in NZ, so we call her Sheila and she guided us with 100% accuracy from start to finish with no annoying bells or “recalculating route” delays. She just gets on with the job and doesn’t make a fuss, a typical Down Under kind of a gal.

Crossing Manhattan, past the Chrysler building!

across the 59th Street bridge…….feelin’ groovy to be almost home

and what a view. I’m a nervous nelly in the passenger seat, but I sure was glad David was driving on this gorgeous day.




5 Responses to “Woodstock revisited”

  1. Catherine Says:

    So sorry to hear that you are leaving NZ….but happy for you. Having followed your blog, your news comes as no surprise. Your heart did not seem to be in NZ. I spent many hours pouring over your gorgeous website…what a huge time waster and lots of fun! I am constantly amazed at the gorgeous yarn you stock and am ever so grateful I live at the other end of the country….if I’d ever had the chance to hold/sniff/handle your yarns, I’m sure I’d have bought your entire stock. It was always nice to know that there was at least one other knitting nutter in NZ. Now I am all alone!! Wherever you end up, remember there’s a knitter in Christchurch who used your website and books as a respite to all the earthquakes and thinks fondly of you. Thank you.

  2. Mel Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. One half of my heart will always be in NZ –when you’re born and grew up in a place that tug on the heartstrings never leaves – but the other half is with my family who were too far away. I hope CHCH continues to recover and that your knitting obsession continues!

  3. Nicky Says:

    Sad news that you are leaving us.
    I have really enjoyed knitting for you. I look forward to keeping in touch via your blog and finding out what new pastures will bring for you.
    Good Luck with whatever your new life in the US brings.

  4. Karen Alkofer Says:

    Sorry to hear you and David are leaving NZ – I always wanted to visit you there! But very, very happy you are coming back to LA!!! Keep me posted on where you end up, what you’ll be doing, etc. We’re still living in Marina del Rey, but hope to move back to West Hollywood very soon.

    Safe travels and much love,

    Karen A

  5. Sandy G. Says:

    Good to see you wearing your H@t! Welcome back to the U.S. and I look forward to your upcoming book.
    Sandy G.

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