new book!

Advance copies of my new book arrived from the printer last week. How excited was I to go to the Fex Ex office to pick them up? Very!

Here it is

It turned out to be a timely arrival. The LA Yarn Crawl was happening and I was able to¬† show it to knitters at my event at Compatto where the projects were on display. It’s always fun to see people react to your work. I watched a man (there were a few men, all knitters) thumb through it, his facial expressions changing with each page. He loved it, and ordered a signed copy.

The Leia Bonnet on the cover is one of my favorite projects, so I decided to make a pattern for a larger version to fit girls and bigger girls. I’ll be publishing it as a PDF in a couple of weeks.

The new hat on my lovely friend Anna

and her daughter Stella, after whom the hat will be named

I’ll be publishing Stella the PDF on Ravelry soon.

You can order Knitting Gifts For Baby here.

Best wishes,


5 Responses to “new book!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The book looks beautiful and I love those hats. Can’t wait!

  2. Laura F. Says:

    What a gorgeous hat! I am excited for the pattern and to check out the book.

  3. Carolina Says:

    I bought your book @ the Yarn Crawl (Compatto) &
    Started the airplane socks!
    I would like to make them longer for my
    School uniform loafers. I see you mention doing this
    By knitting more ribbing. How many
    Rows of added ribbing would still look good?
    I was considering adding more stockinette rows
    After the ribbing (5-6 rows) but before the
    Pattern begins. Would this look good ?

    I tried emailing u from your web but I couldn’t
    Get the email to work !

    Thank you! I love your book & patterns.


  4. Mel Says:

    Hi Carolina,

    You could add ribbing or more St st rows. It depends on the look you want. If you’re wearing them with loafers maybe ribbing wuld be good and you could turn it down if you want to?

    I hope this helps.

  5. mary Says:

    hi mel,

    saw you’re teaching in july…..

    i think frontier and the color “butter” my madelinetosh vintage has my name on it!!!!

    i’ll come see you after finals!!


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