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I used to be a conscientious blogger. But then I decided to move countries, again. The result was an adventure that has not been easy. But here I am, back in my beloved Santa Monica, and life is starting to take shape once more.

My new book, Knitting Gifts for Baby has been released at last!

Here are a few photos from the inside pages:

Little Fishing Vest

Spring Blanket


Horseshoe Pullover


Cable Cape

There are 26 projects in total, for newborns and toddlers. I’m very proud of this book. If can say so myself, it’s beautiful. I did all the photo styling myself, and knitted all the projects. It was a labor of love.

For anyone who lives in Southern California, I’m teaching workshops at Compatto, on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica. The green Spring blanket (above) is one scheduled for August.

I have a new passion. For a few years now I’ve been interested in small houses and their increasing popularity.  As anyone who visited me in Auckland will know, I lived in a rather large modern house. Many an evening David and I discussed how little of it we actually used. In fact we’d stride around the kitchen and living area and demonstrate to ourselves how wasteful we were.  While it’s wonderful to have space, there are heating, water and electricity costs, and padding around the big empty rooms reminds you that your family have left home, as if you needed a reminder. So here we are in California, about to buy a small house and put our money where our mouths are. Our object of desire is a teensy cottage in Ocean Park, just around the corner from Whole Foods  on Lincoln Blvd (walking distance, yes!), Rose Ave, and the beach. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it as much depends on the state of the walls and foundations, which we’ll know more about once we take possession.We may renovate it, or we may build a new, small house.  This will keep me busy, so knitting is going to become for the first time in many years, my hobby.

Knowing this was going to happen, I’ve been deciding whether to continue with this blog or start a new one. I love knitting, but it’s not all of my story. I still haven’t decided and I welcome your input.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the Getty Center which I’ve visited several times since we’ve been back in LA. I love the outdoor spaces and the spectacular views even more than the galleries. I’m thinking that once I’m living in my small house I’ll be able to come here for a sense of grandeur.

terrace with the city Pacific Ocean in the distance

fabulous curves

later afternoon shadows

the rill

giant bouquets of bougainvillea above the pond








9 Responses to “what I’ve been up to”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Please keep blogging! Most of us aren’t all about knitting either. I have really enjoyed your blog and your take on life and all its beauty. I will enjoy watching you settle into your new life and maybe I’ll be inspired to leave NZ one day too.

  2. Jodi Says:

    Congrats on the book, the move, and the new small home! What big news. I love the horseshoe pullover — I have a bab on the way, so I will hav to check ou the new book!

  3. Mel Says:

    Thank you for the encouragement Catherine!

  4. Janette Says:

    I love your whole aesthetic (and am also interested in the small house movement) so I vote for blogging on your little house right here alongside the knitting and whatever else inspires you.
    Your new book is beautiful and I have been stalking Rav for the larger version of the bonnet :)

  5. Vicki Says:

    Keep on blogging! Just discovered your blog and love it. You are an amazing writer and photographer. Now that you are my knitting hero, I look forward to seeing what you do with the house! What a fun adventure!

  6. Laura Says:

    Hi Mel,
    Keep on blogging! I am a knitting, a sewer of draperies (profession), a Mom, sister, friend, reader, garden (of sorts), baker. . . . So, we all wear different hats and enjoy many things, with a little bit (or much) knitting thrown in! Good luck with the house. I love choosing colors and drapery fabric if you need help! Can’t wait to get your new book. I love the first two and use them often.

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Keep the blog. I would love to see what you do with a small house. I lived in a 1000 sq ft house on a lot 50×100 ft. for 25 years. While it did not lend itself to big parties, we had some wonderful years in it. Then we moved into 2900 sq ft and I have never felt that it is cozy. . . I hope to move back to small in the next couple of years. Best wishes on your new home.

  8. mary Says:

    please please please keep blogging!!! i love your blog, your knitting, your new smaller house adventure, and anything else that inspires you! you know i adore you and am so happy you are back in sm! you inspire me to slow down and enjoy all that is going on around me!

  9. AnnaElisa Says:

    Ok, I just come very late on that post, but I discovered your blog tonight (after buying and knitting from your absolutely wonderful last book) and who knows, it might serve for the next time you want to quit : pleeeeaaaaase ! stay here ! I am pretty sure the rest of you is as beautiful and exciting as your knitting part :) and we want to read about both :)
    Thanks a lot for everything !!

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