how much is that

doggie in the window of a store on Montana Ave. I find myself wondering if dogs actually enjoy wearing sweaters? Especially in LA?

This guy looks happy without one. I love his old soul demeanour.

Lots of good things are happening.

Walks to the ocean and back every day. Hula hoops are in, evidently, as exercise. This was a class taught by the girl in the blue hair who did an elegant Hawaiian hip roll.

Tiny house purchase approaching.

Knitting projects: a new slipper pattern (coming soon in PDF), a toy from Susan Anderson’s new book, a neon striped sweater for myself in Koigu KPM, top down with a subtle cable

and a cardi for myself which I’ve already worn and like very much. Short sleeves and open pattern (sea foam) make it a perfect summer item. Pattern is Frontier, from Rowan Magazine 51. Yarn is Filatura Di Crosa Zara.

Discovered a fantastic new taco place on Santa Monica Blvd at 23rd St. Tacos Punta Cabras serves seafood and vegetarian tacos and tostadas with exotic cashew mayonnaise and pineapple salsa. I’m addicted. It’s all served with surfer dude style and attitude. It gets busy at lunchtime. Evenings are more serene. I hate to admit it, but it rivals La Super Rica in Santa Barbara and Mexican Specialties in Auckland and they’re both hard acts to follow.

Observations of the varied and interesting place I live in.

Roses outside our cottage

 What is big sexy beach hair?  David and I are calling it  BSBH or big sexy for short, whenever we see a head of something we think might be IT.

We ventured Down to Echo Park recently, to visit a prefab house we’re considering, and found ourselves here

Birds seem to be the theme in textile decor


and the clientele

Down town, bicycle bike racks, how witty of the City

and now to house keeping

Questions have been asked about South Seas Knitting and whether it will reopen. Everything displayed on the website is available (prices are New Zealand). If you see something you’d like to purchase, email me and I’ll give you a USA price and a shipping quote, then send you a paypal invoice. Items will be shipped from Santa Monica. My patterns are available on Ravelry or Patternfish or directly from me:

til next time xo Mel


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  1. meppybn Says:

    all the best on the house purchase :)

  2. Dave Parker Says:

    You and Dave should definitely both get BSBH. I think you’re legally required to.

  3. Mel Says:

    Hi Dave Parker, Dave says we already have BSBH.
    When are you coming to visit us in California so we can show you around?

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