Xanthe’s Pony Club Helmet




I love knitting projects that make me smile. Sometimes a small dose of silliness is just what the doctor ordered, isn’t it?

Xanthe is a new knitter. After making a beautiful, carefully planned two-tone scarf in our knitting class she had the inspired idea of making this stunning tongue-in-cheek riding helmet to match her Amsterdam bicycle. Not for her those modern, streamlined, aerodynamic but pointy helmets. 




She bought a Bell BMX safety helmet, knitted a large beanie with Manos Del Uruguay Wool Clasica (Shade 48-Cherry). Next she crocheted five rounds at the base of the beanie to tighten the edge so that it would stay on the helmet. A peak shape was made in thin pliable plastic, then covered in crochet, which was then sewn to the rim of the beanie (it’s best to have the beanie on the helmet when you attach the peak). The final and essential touch is the “button” on top, made by a crocheting a circle over a little fibre filling.

Giddy Up Xanthe!

P.S. Thank you to those who left the heartfelt messages of condolence last week.  I very much appreciated your kind thoughts and words –xxMel

5 Responses to “Xanthe’s Pony Club Helmet”

  1. Celeritas Says:

    Brilliant! If I cycled I would definitly make that. Much chicer than a normal helmet.

  2. Leslie Says:

    That is awesome, I would so wear one of the as well. Well done to you both!

  3. Leslie Says:

    Mel , we would have love to have you join us in El Paso County, you would be welcome to visit any time!

    How are you doing, BTW?

  4. Kate S Says:

    I love it! I’m a new (and keen) knitter (halfway through a first ever wool cashmere scarf – delicious) and a daily bike commuter so I might have to give one a go. Maybe in tomato red – my bmx helmet is a lovely forest green.

    Looking good Xanthe! Very chic, especially with that fab bike and riding boots. I haven’t lived in Auckland for a fair few years now – so imagine my delight to see you on the net! A colleague pointed the post out and I thought… heeeeeey, I recognise that name!

    Kate Stanton

  5. Xanthe Says:

    Hey Kate that’s so funny, the knitting world is a small but pert one. And you were always my riding partner when we were little; Fruitfields and Shakespeare Point.

    The hat is actually quite easy – mind you I did have some expert help on hand with Mel living so close. Definitely give it a go, I was initally thinking black but then thought that if you’re going to do something a little off the wall you may as well not be subtle about it.

    I have recently finished my third knitting project and am thinking about a summer one. I’ll get your address from Mel and be in touch.


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