joining yarn by splicing

This is something our mothers or grandmothers did as a matter of course: joining two lengths of yarn by splicing. Sailors do it too, with rope. It’s very satisfying to finish a garment and have only the cast on and bind off ends to deal with. We have tried it here with some plied¬† Blue Sky Worsted wool/alpaca blend. Splicing is definitely easier with wool, and a plied yarn rather than non-wool or single strand yarns. However It’s not impossible with those either as I have discovered.

The captions refer to the photos below.

1. Unravel the plies of both ends approx  8cm and separate into two roughly even strands. Cut one half of each end slightly shorter for overlap.


2. Wind the longer ends around each other. Now comes the fun part. Spit into your hand, and roll the two ends in your palm until they mesh or almost felt together.


3. Now involve the shorter ends and roll them together with the spliced yarn.


When you come to knit the spliced section, go easy on it and don’t pull it too tight since it can come apart. Once it’s safely knitted and tucked away into your stitches, it will hold together well.