the long tail cast on

The long tail cast on is a strong and versatile way of forming stitches that you will knit. To make the first stitch, you will need to form a slip knot on the knitting needle.

Here’s how to make a slip knot:

Text refers to the photo below. 

1. Make a circle with the yarn.



2. Take a loop through the circle to form the slip knot.





3. Place the slip knot on the needle.





4. Pull both ends to tighten the slip knot.





To cast on more stitches, you will use the “tail” end and the yarn from the ball.


1. Make a backwards loop with the tail yarn and place it on the needle.




2. Bring the yarn from the ball around the needle.





3. Slide the backwards loop across the new loop and off the needle.








4. The stitch is now formed.Tighten the stitch by pulling on both ends of the yarn.






For the long tail cast on, you need to estimate how much “tail” to allow since both ends, i.e. the ball and the tail, will be used to form the stitches.

One way to do this is to wind the yarn around the needle as many times as the number of stitches you need to cast on. Add approximately 25 cm to this length, and make the slip knot at that point.