how to make a loop (ML)

Here’s how to make a loop in your knitting. It will form on the back side of the row you are working on, so if you want it to show on the right side (RS) you must make the loops when the wrong side (WS) is facing you. If you’re using thick yarn, you may want to make the loops on every second stitch.

Insert the left needle into the stitch and wind the yarn around the needle as if to knit (below)

Wind the yarn around your left index finger. If you want a short loop wind it once. If you want to lengthen the loop, wind it twice.

Take the yarn back around the right needle as if to knit (again) and form the stitch. It will be two or three strands wide depending on how many times you have wound the yarn around your index finger.

To secure the loop, bring the working yarn between the needles to the front of the work then over the needles, like a yarn over.

Hold the yarn over securely in place and bind off the stitch over the yarn over. This will secure the loop.