India’s tea cozy


Copyright ©Mel Clark 2007

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6 complementary colors of 4 ply wool, 1 hank each of 2 main colours (A & B) and small amounts of C, D, E, & F. Shown in Koigu Wool Designs KPM; 2120[A], 2300[B], 2132[C], 1013[D], 2232[E], 1193[F]

Scrap yarn for provisional cast on.


Size 2.75mm[US2] 40cm circular needle

Size 3.25mm[US3] 40cm circular needle

One extra size 2.75mm[US2] needle (straight or DPN)

2 stitch holders

Stitch markers


60cm [24”] length of ribbon for tie [optional]


Fits a teapot circumference 40(46)cm [16(18)ins]


26sts = 10cm/4”


With smaller needle cast on 104(120) sts in a scrap yarn. Cut scrap yarn.

With A, knit 1 row. Join in round taking care not to twist sts. Place marker for beginning of round.

Mark mid point of round(rnd) after (52) 60sts with a stitch marker, work 8 rounds in stst (all rounds knit). The stitch markers will indicate the “sides” of tea cozy, or position of the handle and spout gaps.

Purl 1 round.

Work 12 rnds stst, changing to larger needle after 8 rnds.


*Row 1: Bind off 2 sts, knit to marker, turn, place remaining (52) 60 sts on a holder.

Row 2: Bind off 2 sts purlwise, purl to end –48 (56) sts

Put markers aside for later use when work is joined in the round.

Work in stst on these 48(56) sts for 26 rows.**

Leave stitches on a holder.

With RS facing, join yarn to 52(60) sts on first holder.

Repeat from * to **.

Join all sts in round, replacing the Openings sts as follows:

Knit 48(56), cast on 4, pm, knit 48 (56), cast on 4, pm.

Work 11 rounds stst. Change to color B and work 2 rounds.

Transfer sts to smaller circular needle and hold for later.


Remove scrap yarn from 104(120) sts at cast on edge and place live sts on larger circular needle. Place marker at beginning of rnd and after 52(60) sts.

With C, work 4 rounds stst.

*Change to D and Shape Openings as for Lining.

–48(56) sts

Beginning with a knit row, work 2 more rows stst with D.

Work 4 rows B, and 4 rows E. Work a further 4 rows each on F, A, C, & D.

Repeat from *on held 52(60)sts.

Join all sts in round, and with E, work as follows: Knit 48(56), cast on 4, pm, knit 48(56), cast on 4, pm.

Work a further 3 rounds in E. Work 4 rounds in F and A.

Change to B and work 2 rounds.

Weave in the ends.


Fold the lining up into the inside of cozy. Line up the sts on the 2 circular needles, the beginning markers of each round adjacent.

With color B and one size 3 needle, and with the Outer Layer of the tea cozy on the outside (facing you), knit together the two layers as follows:

Knit into the back of the first st (Outer) and the front of the back st (Lining). As you form each combination stitch, pass it back onto one of the circular needles. When all 104(120) sts from both needles have been knit together, place marker for beginning of the round.

Work 2+2 rib as follows:

*K2, P2; repeat from * to end of round.

Work in rib for 5(9) more rounds.

Make eyelets:

*K2, yo, p2tog, repeat from * to end of round.

Continue in K2, P2 rib for 12 rounds.

Work Picot bind off as follows:

Knit 2, bind the first st off, *slip remaining st on right needle back onto left needle, cast on 2 sts, cast off 6, repeat from * to end of round, ending by casting off 5.

Work optional embroidery on solid color side of tea cozy, before you sew around the openings.

Stitch around the spout and handle openings.

Make a twisted cord, or cut a ribbon 60cm[24”] long for a tie.

Thread through eyelets.