Junior Doctor’s Bag

Please note that this is NOT a complete pattern. These are the instructions for changing the Doctor’s Bag pattern in the book Knit 2 Together to make it smaller, or hand bag size. To make this bag, you can buy the book and use these instructions, or you can buy the separate pattern here.






Junior Doctor’s Bag



38cm[15′] long x 14cm[5.5″]wide x 20cm[8″] high


5 hanks Manos del Uruguay, 2 strands held together


Shown in #64-Pewter


Back and Front

Cast on 10 sts.Work cast-ons as for pattern-34sts.

Work even in pattern until piece measures 35cm[14″].Bind off as described in pattern until 10 sts remain.



Work as for Back and Front until you have 30 sts.

Work even until piece measures 10cm [4″] from the beginning, ending with Row 5.Work bind-ff as described in patter, until 10 sts remain.



Cast on 58 sts. Work Rows 1-16 twice. Bind off in pattern.



Base and Front

Pick up and knit 48 sts along long edge of Base (AB on assembly diagram)Repeat along straight edge of Front (BA). 



Pick up and knit 24-14-24 sts along edges of Side (EDBC) and Front FBDG). Repeat for second Side.


Buckle Strap 

With a single strand of yarn and a size 5mm(H) crochet hook, ch 35, *turn, sc 35; repeat from * twice. Work sc around perimeter.

Sew strap to inside edge of Bag Opening.

Work a second strap same size, slide it through the buckle and sew both ends to the Side of Bag, approx 10cm(4″) from folded opening edge.