raspberry bed socks


Copyright ©Mel Clark 2008

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These sockettes are quick to knit and a lovely gift.

note: if you’re not sure how to make I-cord on double pointed needles, please refer to the tutorial  –Mel

Raspberry Bed Socks


Koigu Kersti 100% merino wool; 50g/100m/114yds; 2 hanks K1184

Extra fingering weight yarn or ribbon for ties. [I used Koigu KPM 1184]


Set of 5 Size 3.25mm (US3) and 3.5mm (US4) 18cm[7”] double pointed needles


2 removable markers

3 stitch markers, 1 in contrasting colour


To fit foot length 18(20.5,23) cm/7(8,9) inches


22 sts & 36 rows = 10cm/4” in garter stitch on larger needles

24 sts & 32rows = 10cm in stst on larger needles


Make bobble (mb)

Beginning with next stitch on Left Needle, cast on 4 sts by knit cast on method. Knit these 4 sts, dropping original stitch off needle. On Right Needle, pass the 3rd stitch over the 4th st and off the needle, repeat for 2nd and 1st stitches. There is one stitch left.


With larger needles, cast on 7 sts, work in garter stitch, increasing at each end of alternate rows 5 times–17sts Work 22(26,30) rows straight, placing removable marker at each end of 15th row.

Decrease each end of next and following 4th row twice–11sts

Work 36(40,44) rows garter stitch.

Decrease each end of next row and following 2 alternate rows–5sts

Work one row. Bind off.


With RS of sole facing, beginning at last bind off stitch (at heel), and working toward toe or wider end of sole, pick up and knit 33(39,45) sts to first removable marker (discard removable marker), place stitch marker, 35 sts to next removable marker (including 7 sts from cast on sts of sole), pm, 38(44,50) to end (including 5 sts from bind off sts of sole), pm for beg of round–106(118,130) sts.

Rnds 1-4:Knit

Begin toe decreases.

Rnd 5: K to 1st marker, [ssk, k2] three times, ssk, k3, mb, k3, [k2tog, k2] three times, k2tog, k to end–98(110,122) sts

Rnd 6:Knit

Rnd 7:K to marker, k11, mb, k3, mb, k to end.

Rnd 8:Knit

Rnd 9:K to marker, [k1, ssk] three times, mb, k7, mb, [k2tog, k1] three times, k to 5 sts before end of rnd, ssk, k1, k2tog–90(102,114) sts

Rnds 10 & 11: Knit

Rnd 12:K to marker, k6, [mb, k3] twice, mb, k to end.

Rnd 13:K to marker, k3, ssk, k11, k2tog, k to end–88(100, 112) sts

Rnds 14: K to marker, k7, mb, k3, mb, k to end.

Rnds 15&16: Knit

Begin short rows:

Row 17:K to marker, k14, wrap, turn,

Row 18:P10, wrap, turn,

Row 19: K9, wrap, turn,

Row 20:P8, wrap, turn,

Row 21: Knit to end.

Rnd 22: K to marker, k5, [ssk] twice, k1, [k2tog] twice, k to end–84(96,108) sts

Change to smaller needles.

Rnd 23: *K1, p1; repeat from * to end.

Rnd 24: *K1, p1, yo, p2tog; repeat from * to end.

Rnd 25: as Rnd 23

Bind off.

With smaller needles, cast on 3 sts, make I –cord 56cm[22”] long. Thread through eyelets and tie a knot in each end.